HerMelness Speaks

United Kingdom

HerMelness Speaks is an alter-ego; an exaggeration of a small part of her author, Melinda Sealy Fargo. An articulate and humourous opinionator on all subjects, particularly back-to-basics, ‘old school’ parenting, HerMelness is a menopausal (thus dangerous?) woman just trying to stay one step ahead of the kids. Since a lady never tells, HerMelness will not reveal her age, but will admit to being the other side of having a tight arse and this side of being a tight arse! HerMelness is also parent to four members of The Gibberish Generation (teenagers). Bucket list goals include 'tackling one teenager at a time.’. The author of HerMelness Speaks is Melinda Sealy Fargo. Career credentials in the executive management corporate arena, with sojourns in life coaching and education. Now Managing Director of a word dedications gift company, she is also a widowed parent to four young people (2 boys, 2 girls) aged 25, 22, 17 and 14.

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